Lisa Speakman

I feel the Holy Spirit. I feel the Father says, “I am forming something very beautiful within you and it’s been painful.” Many of you have wondered why it’s been so hard when others seem to have life a bit easier. For many of you it has been hard. But the Lord says, “Guard your heart for I am forming something very beautiful inside of you.” It is the heart of God, it’s the heart of your Creator. It’s the Father of the heavens and the earth and He is brooding over you. Something very precious is being formed inside you even this Christmas. And it’s the heart of God; it’s the love of God. It’s the answer to the pain of this world. So don’t be dismayed, do not listen to your accuser or the voice of the enemy. He is very threatened by what is happening inside of your spirit. Something beautiful is being born, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ, it’s the heart of God. 

Protect it, Beloved, protect it; it is precious! Very, very, costly; very precious. It’s the tenderness of God. It is what the earth is dying and crying for every day and every night. The Father hears every prayer of every person and every child. So let His heart be formed in you. Do not let hardness come; do not let bitterness and resentment come. Let love flow and forgive everyone who has misunderstood you. Something beautiful is happening. 

Many of you young people have not understood why things have been so hard for you. The enemy has sought to kill and destroy your heart but the Father says, “Today I crown you as My kings and My queens! Because I know what you deal with. I will get the last word, for I am forming Christ within you, Beloved, so be of good cheer. I see you and I am so proud of you! I am so proud of you! I am going to use everything that you have been through. Every injustice, every time someone close to you has rejected you. Trust me! Trust me! Trust me! I am good. Everything that is not good is not of me. Everything that is good is of me. I am gentle, meek and lowly of heart. I love you with a passion that you are yet to understand. But cleave to Me. Cleave to Me, My Beloved. I will reveal Myself to you.”