Pastor Rick Wright

We live in the time of the lukewarm Church where many churches have millions of dollars, but very little of it is really going to missions or to the poor. Very little of it is really going to the needy or to build churches. It’s like the Lord is saying: I have millions in Africa crying out for help. I have millions in South America crying out for help. I have My inner cities right here in your nation crying out for help. And I want to bless a people who will show My love and My compassion. Who will be My arms of love? Who will be my arms of mercy? I want to bless My people to be golden vessels, to be vessels of honor. And I have blessed some in days gone by and even in your day like many in the past they’ve left their first love. I am warning you and longingly urging you to continue to return to your first love. I will withhold nothing. The harvest is coming to all nations and it will be awesome and it will be glorious and it will be great. But I need laborers! I need men and women who I can trust with money to send My young people. I am going to have an army of young people that will shake the nations. They have no destiny but to serve Me. They have no destiny but to walk on water, to walk on the head of the devil, and to walk on in the power of My spirit, for I will use young ones. But I will need to have mothers and fathers nurture them and warn them and show them the pitfalls. You are My mothers and My fathers, many of you. Some of you are My young ones that I will use and I will keep you in the shadow of My wings IF you continue to love Me. And I will protect you and keep you from the evil one. And nothing by any means shall hurt you. Sickness, disease, demons, darkness, hell, anti-Christ religions, anti- Christ systems they will never touch you. I will cause you to overcome all things if you but bow down and allow Me to use you for My glory. I will withhold nothing from those who love Me; those who will cut a covenant with Me. I will cause their hearts to be fully surrendered by the help and the mercy of My Spirit, which I am giving you afresh this day. I want to trust you with much, I want to trust you like I trusted David, Daniel, Joseph, Moses, Esther, all of them. I trusted them and they didn’t let Me down. And I am calling you, I am awaking you. You can become the children of Abraham and be blessed. Some of My servants are preaching as if mammon and money is the central thing, but I tell you again, I am the central thing. I am the goal that you need in the days ahead. I am the wisdom that you need for knowing what to do. I am the life that will keep you from death. I’m the healing that will keep you from sickness and disease. I am the truth that will keep you from the deception that is surely coming upon this age. For surely I am allowing the anti- Christ even as I allowed Satan to rebel in Heaven. I am allowing the anti-Christ to come forth in these days, but he is under My thumb, he is under My power, he is under My feet. Be thou My body who moves with Me and you will overcome all things. I am talking to you as My friends, My lovers, those who know Me and serve Me. 

Yet I warn you, watch out for those who follow idols, who put other things before Me. Be not critical of them, but intercede for them lest they go off into darkness. These are the days of much deception, but also these are the days of Glory. This is My day to be revealed. As you get on your knees and humble yourself in your own little prayer closet, just you and Me, I will reveal Myself! I will impart Myself! I am coming to you in the secret place and to you corporately in the days ahead. Reverence your God! Bow down before your God! And I will do a work, I will withhold nothing. I am after souls. I am after souls. I am longing to gather them all under the shadow of My wings. And I am going to give you My longings. I’m longing for you and for all your children, all your friends, all your relatives, all your loved ones to yield to My drawing power. I’m going to impart Myself in these days. I’m the bread of life and I will give Myself totally and fully to those who surrender. And I will help you surrender. My spirit will be with you. We will be with you till the end of the age and beyond. We will go into the millennium together and I will bless those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Let My lamb nature be imparted to you. In the days of your trials and testings, My lamb nature, My tenderness, My faithfulness to the Father I will freely give to you. In the midst of your trials and struggles, in the midst of your tears and brokenness, even when you’re confused and perplexed I will be there. My Spirit will never leave you nor forsake you. We will never leave you nor forsake you. Don’t turn from Me even when you don’t know what’s going on. Don’t turn from Me and I will always be there to instruct you and keep you. For the days ahead shall be turbulent. Many things shall happen in the end of the age and I will cause My children, those that are born of God, to overcome the world. So fix your eyes on Me, humble yourself like little children and I will empower you. The greater one shall dwell within. Christ within the hope of Glory! I am more than enough for the anti-Christ; I am more than enough for the drought and the famine. And all these things that I have said would come have I not told you these things? But I am warning you and I am encouraging you and I am longingly calling you to return to your first love. And I will be there and I am the lifter up of your head. And I will bless you and I will bless your children and you will stand before Me in that day. You will see the souls that have entered into heaven that were grasped out of the fires of hell and out of the teeth of the enemy and we shall rejoice in that day. But now this is your hour, this is your day. 

Moses was faithful, Joseph was faithful, be thou faithful in your day. Angels and prophets longed to see this day. You were ordained to be living at the end of the age. The destiny is great, the calling is great, the trials have been difficult, but I will never leave you nor forsake you. I have appointed you for this time and this day. Be thou faithful until the end. I‘ll give you the crown of life. You’ll enter into all things and the glory of the Father. You will see my glory. And I will make you one with Me. Quicken your pace; seek the face of your God. I am going to reveal the covenant of Abraham and make you a blessing to all nations. You women, you are My Sarahs. You men, you are My Abrahams. You young ones, you are My Davids. You older ones, you are My Simeons and My Annas. I am going to open the covenant. I am going to reveal My word and My promises. Humble yourself before Me and I will do great things!