Pam Wright

During worship I kept seeing the desert blooming. I saw water coming out of a rock. I saw walls coming down. I saw the impossible happening.

There’s a part in the Old Testament where the Israelites were in the wilderness and they came to where there was no water again.  It wasn’t Marah; they had already been to Marah. Again they had come to where there was no water. And the Lord had purposely brought them there. They were told to take their staffs and begin to dig in the hot burning sand. And they were to say, “Spring up, O well! Sing about it.” That’s what they were to say. The sand was hot, they were thirsty, no water anywhere in sight, and they had to take their staffs and start to dig at the sand. You know what sand is like it doesn’t dig away. When it is dry it just keeps flowing back. But they obeyed the Lord and they said, “Spring up, O well!  Sing about it.” And they dug and water began to come up out of the dry sand.  (Numbers 21)

I feel like the Lord is saying to us that He is anointing our death. He is anointing our deadness. He is anointing our pain. Because somehow He enabled us to just keep digging, to just keep showing up. To just keep trusting when all hope had failed. And I believe He is saying we’re going to see the desert bloom. We’re going to see water come out of a rock. 

I just saw a picture of the enemy scurrying around, and he had built what he thought were these impenetrable fortifications in our lives. Areas that have plagued us for years that seem impossible:  areas in our marriage, areas with our children, areas with our singleness, areas in our calling that seem impossible, insurmountable. And the enemy was scurrying around, but he was so small and the Lord was saying, “It’s over! It’s over!” I mean there is no battle! He has already been defeated! What we thought was so huge, so difficult, so unattainable, where we failed so miserably in all these areas, it's as if it was nothing before the Lord.

The water began to flow, flowers were coming up out of the desert, the water was springing up out of dry hot sand. Water coming out of a rock. 

So Father, I thank you for a faithful people. A little band of believers, Lord, that You have united for a purpose. And I believe the music was prophesying today. It was bigger than these walls and it was calling in the prodigals and it was calling in the broken ones and it was crying out for Your glory, not only here, but outside.  

I just feel like He is saying, “I will take you in your brokenness and I will lift you up and I will manifest Myself through the very places where you have been utterly defeated. And I will display My power through the broken and it will be a delight and a joy to crown you with My faithfulness.  And I will show you that I am a Promise Keeper.  And I will bring you resurrection where there is death. I only allow death because of resurrection. And I will bring forth way beyond what you have even asked for or thought of.   And it will be My delight to crown a people who have sung to Me in the darkness. Who have lain down in confusion and sorrow but have gotten back up. You are My overcomers. You are the ones that I will use, for you know that without Me you can do nothing.”