Doug Alexander

I heard the Spirit of God saying, "Operation Lift-off" is about to begin! Heaven is smiling today, even celebrating at this graduation and commencement ceremony this morning. The natural realm is speaking volumes of that which is transpiring in the spirit realm. The long season of obscurity at my school in the Spirit is coming to a close and the faculty of Heaven says: “Well done and congratulations graduates!” The time of testing in this realm is ending. Your wilderness exam is over, you have passed as a people and now I say, “Get ready, get ready, get ready.” I now poise you as a people on the edges of the land of the many promises I have given you corporately. The words of the prophets over The Gathering Place are about to start being abundantly fulfilled at a sudden and swift rate. The Lord would further say concerning the harvest I have called you to reap in this metropolitan area and abroad – it is all about location, location, location… I am relocating you for maximum impact. Certainly I have appointed this church to be a turning instrument, a facilitator of repentance and restoration in this community. You have been anointed and ordained to turn hearts, to even turn Hollywood Babylon into Hollywood Zion! I am releasing the long promised favor with strategic stars in the media, even the fallen ones. You will heal the hearts of many broken celebrities and reverse the curse and glare of tabloid attention off them. You will impart heavenly vision to them and destroy a prevalent spirit of narcissism. Their glamour will be swallowed up by My Glory. The spirit of divorce will be slaughtered over this culture as you teach them the power of unbroken Covenant. This vision that has tarried will no longer tarry. I will move mightily even as you move. So sanctify yourselves today for tomorrow I will do wonders among you as you cross over, even to city wide transformation.