James Goll's Prophecy for Pastor Rick

The Lord gave to your lips today the greatest apostolic message of your lifetime. And this is a day of graduation for you, for a man the Lord calls righteous. Because you are graduating from being a prophet into being an apostle. You will be an apostolic prophet. And you will have an apostolic heart from this day forward. You have known this for years, but you have spoken it to few and all you knew was to be faithful in the stewardship that you have been given, and thus have been. But now another whole network is going to emerge through your loins. Streams within streams. No I am not saying you are leaving this team, but I am saying that you must keep your eyes soon open for a facility that will seat 2,000. You must keep your eyes open for that which will seat 2,000 people. Because the Lord is going to do a quick work. It will be a work of favor. And God is going to send resources from other countries, to come be Aaron and Hur and to hold up your arms. He is going to send other disciples. Disciples who are friends. And the Lord is going to send certain disciples who have passed the Absalom test and are going to be used to be armor bearers to lift up your arms. And even recruits are going to come from other countries to your house. They’re going to come to this rocking house. They’re going to come, they’re going to come, they’re going to come, there’s even going to be something that’s going to counter Hard Rock Café. There’s going to be something that’s going to come through your loins, that’s going to be extravagant in nature and that’s going to counter Hard Rock Café. The Lord says, do not look with your natural mind. But look with the eyes of faith because I have already appointed men of provision in Jesus’ name.