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August 31 2007

Dear Pastors, Prayer Warriors and those that carry a burden for California,

We are writing to inform you of a very important LOCATION change for the
Sept 8th Randy DeMain prayer meeting. Due to your overwhelming response, we feel that it is both necessary and fitting that the venue change.

We will now be meeting at a historic Methodist church in El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument, the oldest part of Downtown Los Angeles and otherwise known as the birthplace of the City of Angels. I believe that Whitefield and Wesleys would be proud to see us gather there.

The church sits in the center of LA, right next to the famous Olvera Street and Union Station. An old friend of mine knows the pastor and they’ve opened their church to us. Isn’t this awesome that Randy DeMain is coming to release angels and breakthrough at the very place where Los Angeles began?! And not only will we be gathering in the birthplace of the city but our meeting will fall just days after the birthday of LA. The City of Angels is going to be released into her destiny!

I am thrilled that so many of you intercessors, pastors and prayer warriors are coming. Thank you so much for the heartfelt emails, your words were a blessings and an encouragement! I feel God’s hand upon this meeting, directing the timing and location to further solidify His purpose.

I know that many of you have written to me about passing along the word, please make sure to forward this email and spread the word about the location change. The time has not changed; we will still meet at 9:30am.

The new location will be:

1 Saturday, Sept 8th 9:30am-1pm2

Methodist church in
El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical Monument

115 Paseo de la Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

UPDATE: For those coming south on the 110, stay in the left lane to head into downtown LA and Chinatown.  Go a few blocks and turn left on Alpine Street.  At Alameda Street turn right.  After crossing Cesar Chavez Ave, turn right into Parking Lot #5 (across from Union Station).  If you go to the end of the block, to Arcadia Street, you will have to circle around. 

Some are planning to take the Metro since the station is right there.  For those who are driving, parking will be free for the first 50 cars and they will have access to the closest lot.  After that, parking is $6. 

Click for directions

Dear Intercessors, Prayer Leaders and those of you that carry a burden for CA,

This email is from Rick Wright. For years, like many of you, I’ve had dreams, visions and words about revival in CA. This revival will be different than in 1906 because it will encompass the whole state. Starting in 1981, the Lord made it very clear to my wife, Pam, and I that the glory of God and the Holy Spirit would come so powerfully that we’d be out of control and swept away by the awesome move of God. Since then, there have been many confirming words. Let me give you a brief history.

On October 14, 2002 the Lord began speaking to us about the yet to take place baseball World Series between the Angels and the Giants, which are both CA teams. The Lord made it clear that the Angels would win as a sign of the Lord releasing his angels to drive out the giants of CA. A short time later, I had a dream where I was playing centerfield in a game against real giants with clubs and baseball bats. When I awakened, the Lord told me to watch the centerfielder of the Angels for a sign. At the time it was Darin Erstad, a gold glove player. In the 7th game of the World Series, the Angels were ahead and the last out was hit to centerfield. Erstad caught the ball, the Angels had won the series and the Lord said, Here’s your sign. I knew it meant that the Lord would release His angels against the strongman. Days later, I went to a prayer meeting and someone told me that they had to share that they saw a picture of the strongman of CA turned over like an octopus. I told them thanks and thought, “I know what that means.” Then at a night prayer meeting, someone came up to me and said this is going to sound weird but I have to tell you, “the wicked witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.” Again I said, “thanks, I know what that means,” and knew it meant the Lord would release His power over the strongman of CA. A few days later I was at home and walked in when my youngest daughter was watching The Wizard of Oz. I walked in right as Dorothy was pouring water over the wicked witch and heard “the wicked witch is dead.” About that time I asked the Lord when He was going to bind the strongman and He said, when I tell you and I’m telling you that I’m in the process of binding him.

Sometime later, Bob Jones was told of a breakthrough angel. This angel had been assigned to a mighty man of God named Benson Idaahosa. He’s known as a mighty apostle in Nigeria from whom 1000’s of churches started. Bob said that the angel was coming to America to bring revival and break down all the strongholds. Shortly after, Randy DeMain was told by the Lord that he would receive a surprise. He was overseas at the time and the Lord said he was going to receive an angel called Breakthrough. Since then, Randy has been going around releasing breakthrough and he’s yet to come to Southern CA but he’s coming Saturday, Sept 8th from 9:30-1pm to be with us.

I really hope that the intercessors and those involved in House of Prayer and those with a burden for CA could join us for that morning. I’m sure many of you are aware that the Lord has been promising a lot of things and I believe that this is another piece of the puzzle, part of the “prophetic protocol.” I believe that Randy is like a General to help release angels in our midst. If you bear witness to this, please come and bring others with you to join us.

I would love to have some of you respond to this and email me personally at I believe we need a gathering of troops and I believe that God is bringing a General to help release a breakthrough in Southern CA. I believe we’re yet to see millions saved in Southern CA. I hope you bear witness to this. I am very stirred about these things and hope you can be with us Sept 8th at 9:30am.

For His Glory,