Tracy Wood

In a dream, the Lord spoke of the apostolic church-the Army and the Bride-which He’s bringing forth in this new season and which will continue to emerge in the coming years. Pastor Rick will enter more fully into his calling as an apostle and this will make way for all the five-fold ministries to come into place as apostolic teams. The Lord is testing, training and preparing His “Special Forces;” those willing to pay the price, to lay down their lives for one another, seeking no glory for themselves, and in following their Commander will gain victory over Satan and will see the captives set free. Many have been in this place of testing, in the actual birthing process, battling Satan's oppression in the narrow place. But as we press into the Lord in the Secret Place, entering into His rest, seeking His presence, His counsel, and receiving the gift of faith, He will give us the key to open the door before us and we’ll enter into the new place. The winter is past and we’re coming into a season of fruitfulness. We’ll celebrate and experience great joy as we see His purposes birthed in the church. And as we leave the cocoon and enter into this new place we’ll not even look the same, for the beauty of the Lord will rest upon us!