Tom & Jane Hamon’s Prophecy for Rick & Pam

You’ll see a territorial release that you’ve asked Me for and not only will you have a base and there be an establishment of a place, but there’s going to be a launching pad that will send forth ballistic breakthroughs into the arenas I’ve called you to. There’s that which has been trying to confuse some things but I’m going to release a new intercessory force to clear it up. And as you said, “Lord, where are the ones that need to come up alongside and underneath?” I’m going to begin to point My finger, it’s going to be upon their chest and I’m going to put My hand at their back and they’re not going to be able to protest anymore because they’re going to have to step up to the task that I’ve put upon them… And I’m giving you the keys. I’m going to show you the key of knowledge and you’ll understand how to use it, but also how to release it to many. And you’re going to walk into territories where I’m going to give you a divine understanding, and an unction and you’re going to say things that seem simple to you, but they’re going to begin to resonate in the people and cause the leadership to take a new look and a fresh view. As they do there’s going to be a release of territorial impact and a release of My grace that will begin to flood and to flow, and things that have hindered and held back My anointing will be broken off. You’re ones that will break the chains and you’ll not be afraid! 

Don’t be disturbed that it seems the enemy is stirring because I’m allowing the things that have been hidden under the surface to come to the top that they might be effectively dealt with. You’re going to go through seasons this year where there’s lots of deliverance coming forth in the midst of your people. I’m bringing them to a whole new level of freedom in Christ. And you‘re going to find that whenever things begin to break loose in the demonic realm it’s not just an attack, but it’s an exposure of the enemy.  

It feels like you’ve almost gone through a Gideon’s revival in some areas. Understand I was building an army that’s a ‘lean, mean fighting machine!’ As you’ve not looked for the quantity, but the quality, know I’m going to do much with little. I’m also bringing you into a season of impact. I’m not allowing you to just be a ‘milk toast’ ministry, but you’ll be edgy--on the cutting edge in worship, of power, of demonstration, of revelation. You’re going up to a new level. You’ve positioned your leaders to go up with you and you’ve built the strong foundation that can stand the advancement and increase that’s coming to you. This will be a year of advancement, increase, expansion! 

You’re going to stand with the Elisha double portion anointing and you’re going to confront death on every hand—death to vision, hope, physical bodies, marriages, families, teenagers. You will radically impact the younger generation. You’re going to radically, radically impact, not just the college age although I’m going to cause you to impact there, but all the way down to the junior high level and will begin to bring transformation to them. So get ready. I’ve allowed this last year to be a year of shaking to put the right people into position so you can go to the next level!