Pastor Rick Wright

You are coming to recognize the reason you were born. I planted my seed in your bloodline and you are coming forward at the end of this time to bring forth Christ in you, the hope of glory. All your trials, all your tribulations I am turning them all around, turning them into gold, the gold of the Morning Star arising in your heart. The gold of Jesus, the beauty of majesty, for I have made you with my own DNA.  I have made you in the image of my Son and I am calling you.  Those that are born again all over the earth, I am calling you to be conformed into the image of my Son. You are the first fruits of those in this area and other areas that I am calling forth, my army of lovers who have found through the hard times that I was faithful. They found through the hard times that they got rid of stuff that they really didn’t need on this journeyof being transformed. Being transformed to the image of the Son of God. Getting rid of your baggage, your fears, your doubts, even your ambitions that were not of my Spirit. But, I am birthing within you, even now, and through all these hard times. Like Joseph, you will be able to say to your brothers and sisters and those around you, maybe you, or the devil, or circumstances of this world meant it for evil, but my God is able to turn it all around for good. 

He is calling me into the image of his Son and I am not ashamed of the cross of the Lamb of God. For it is dealing with my sin, my fears, and my pride, cleansing me of all generational issues.  So I can be a pure spotless Bride in this coming day of glory. For the glory of God shall fill the whole earth and you are to be my vessels of glory.  For those whom I have justified I have also glorified. And I have called them to be conformed into the image of my Son. 
There is nothing more important, nothing more valuable than being called by God to become like his Son. So get rid of self-pit, get rid of it forever. Get rid of self-doubt. Get rid of fear. For I am calling all of them to my table and in the presence of your enemies. I will deliver you. I have prepared a table, but it is hidden manna. I have prepared a table, but it is the Lamb of God, and it is the nature of the Son. I am breaking bread with you, it is my own flesh, it is my own blood, and I am calling you into my covenant. You women, you men, that have been through all your hard times, you will give me praise for every one of them as I turn the tables as I did in the days of Esther. For I am coming, my love is going to win. It is going to win every portion of your heart. I am calling you to the table of consecration. I am calling you to the table of sacrifice. At the table, I cut my covenant afresh. I circumcise you afresh and call out the purposes of the living God inside you. Some of you are going to fulfill your grandmother's calling and great grandmother's calling, your grandfather's calling. Prophets were in your bloodline and I have called you this day to be my voices of love and truth to be a part of my army. Whether you are in the store, whether you are in the gas station, you will become my fishers of men. You will become my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

I am coming; I am coming to win your hearts with love. I am coming to impregnate you with my very self, for you have been born again. Not of corruptible seed but incorruptible seed by the very word of God and I am coming to claim my own. You have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your mortal body. I will help you. I have given you the Holy Spirit.

He is always asking every morning do you want help? Do you want grace? Do you want my fruit? Do you want to see the Lord? Do you want me to purify your heart? Do you want me to lead you and guide you into all truth? Do you want me to sanctify that part of you that is bothering you, that is bringing you shame and pain? Oh, wait on God and let the Holy Spirit be released in you like rivers of many waters.

For I am calling you even this day and I am giving you new eye salve to see. I am calling you and separating you out as my people that you will know my love. That you will know my burden for your city and the nations of the world. Oh, the anti-Christ and all these global elite think that they have everything under their control. They have no idea that there are Davids, Deborahs and Esthers that are being formed in the furnace of affliction and I will bring my people forth. Hallowed be thy Name. Is it not written, I will make you a city on a hill that cannot be hidden? "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due season." For your trials have all been ordained, even those the devil brought upon you. I use him as a pawn. He is nothing but a pawn in my game of causing you to be formed into my image.

So look up, look up, and behold the Lamb. The light of the knowledge of the glory of God shines from the face of the Lamb of God. Partake of him, your daily bread.