Gwen Shaw

But one of these days brother, God is going to give you a church.  And you will have a lighthouse the Lord says where you can open up the barns.  I see you having barns, barns, barns.  Where you can bring the people in.  You can preach to them in Chinese. You can preach to them in Korean.  You will be preaching to them in their Hindu and Saudi languages.  You will be preaching to them in many languages and people are going to be hearing the Word of the Lord.  You are going to brjng evangelists from all nations of the world.  And it is going to support itself because God is going to be in the middle of it.  People will run to be here for the revival.  God is looking for a man that He can trust with revival.  The last revival in Los Angeles real great revival was Azusa Street God said that the Azusa Street revival still got a spring it, it still got a spring in it.  You go and stand on that spot you and your wife and you have, and you have claimed it, amen, and claim it.  You bet Johnny Bartleman, his son Frank, his son John. 

I see revival fire all over you brother.  You are a revivalist.  And your wife is with you.  And you blessed to have a wife that is with you. Not many men, many men have to stand alone and their wife is just a little doll at their side.  And some women have to stand alone, and the men walk away, walk out of their lives.  

But I want to bless you both.  Lord, I lay my hands on your servant and your handmaiden.  I thank you for them, oh God.  I believe that the Wrights are going to do right in this city oh God.  That they are going to be revivalists for the city of Los Angeles and they are going to be part oh Lord of where the river is going to begin to flow out. Oh, hallelujah.  Hallelujah.  It is going to be right here, the river is going to flow out, it is going to flow out, and then they are going to have aministry so big just because you start small that is all the more reason to believe that it is going to end up big.  Hallelujah.  Because even the Mississippi begins with headwaters with such a little stream that I can walk over it.  

Now, Lord, they are going to see the greatness of God in their time, in their time, in their time, in their time; and time is short.  And you said that it is a present day thing.  This prophecy is for now, it is for now.  God said that you are not going to have to limit your meetings anymore.  You are going to have time unlimited.  You can’t dam up that river says the Lord, you can’t dam up that river says the Lord.  And you when you got a time schedule like this you are daming the river.  And the Lord says I’ve got a river that is going to burst its banks.  Full anointing, full missionary vision, full scope.  Oh the power of God is all over this place.  Just reach up and get it right down from heaven on you.