Chuck Pierce, at Harvest Rock

The states that He showed me would amaze you because you know you hear people all the time say, “You know we would all be better off if California fell off into the ocean”.  Well, that is not so.  I am here to tell you that if I am not here for anything else, God does not want you to fall off in the ocean.  Not in these next three years anyways.  

So work with it, I’m telling you now.  It is real key that you get this.  And let me tell you a couple.  Texas (and it is not because I live there)…Texas has a very strong covenant root.  It’s got a strong covenant.  The state that surprised me, that was the brightest, (now this is going to really say something because I didn’t get it either, ‘til I started going back to some of these states) was Arizona and who would have thought.  Or the Sun Devils?  You have got to go with one or the other, the Cardinals or the Sun Devils.  The cardinals, those are good birds.  But it was actually the brightest and I said “Lord you are going to have to show me this”.  Because I knew their government…I knew how liberal their government was.  I said you are going to have to try and work me into what I am seeing.  See, that is why you have to move by faith when you have vision.   

When we got to Arizona to do starting the year off right, we do it in Denton and I do it various places.  I went to Atlanta.  I went to Detroit to do it.  Then Cindy and Dutch and I met in mid-January in Arizona.  We met on a day that something very historical was happening because when President Obama was elected he called the governor of Arizona to become of one his cabinet members.  She is very liberal, she has got lots of good ideas, but she is very liberal in her thought processes and would not really be promoting God’s covenant plan in the earth, so to speak. 

So, she gets called to Washington.  When she got called to Washington, it set a domino effect and now the cabinet and the governor and everybody over Arizona is totally Christian… devout spirit filled Christian. 

Now hear me, this was the thing, and I am going to say to Che, this was the thing that I got in all the mess for last year.  I kept saying that God is not just dealing with the nation he is dealing with us as a nation, he is dealing with us from state to state and it does matter, and it doesn’t matter He can win by few or many.  There is a scripture that says that.  So I kept trying to telling a bunch of people that I run around with that God is moving by state.  He is going to start dealing with the darkness in states and He is going to start dealing with the Glory that is in states. 

Well, California is the most unique.  I mean it was the most unique.  And this is what it looked like.  It was the only one that had two predominant roots.  Others had layers of darkness over it and the whole state was dark.  We got some dark states.  This state had two roots this is probably why I identify so much with California and love it so much.  I started thinking of my testimony when I lived in that state.  Our family had an evil root and a godly root.  And God chose me and give me an understanding of first fruit to cause the godly root to rise up and overtake the bloodline.  Now you see what I mean?   

Now, the Spirit of God began to speak to me over this state, the people of God in this state, and what this state would start going through and He said when I get you there, now I have spent all week in the state, Yuba City.  This week would be the defining week and then with Benny Hinn on his program in Orange county.  And now back here.  My wife even said why are you going to California three times in one week?  I said it has really been my assignment since May.  See and all I can do to get positioned right in time.  I can’t run out to California and say let me straighten this out.  But, I can watch to see how God orders my path.  This is why you want to see your path being ordered this year. 

Now, hear what I am saying to you, God is ordering your path.  He is reordering you.  He is moving you.  This state had a war in it.  Now I want to show you that war has a ruling root force that is trying to stay in place in northern California.  Now I don’t know much about you state other than I had a dream in 1992 where the state’s shield came down on top of me and the Lord told me, Don’t you bow down to that thing that is coming on top of you.  I was standing out in the field of California and the shield was coming down and I saw what was on the shield and I really didn’t understand it and I just knew that it was a woman on the shield that looked like a warrior and the Lord said don’t bow you head to that and I stood there and it was so frightening in that dream because it looked like a stealth fighter only it was the shield of Minerva and it was coming down on me God would not allow me to bend my head and I had to stand there and when it fell in on me it broke in half and I remained standing.   

Now, hear me.  So you know California is a part of my life spiritually anyway.  Now in this God showed me the glory root that is moving in California.  There is a glory in this state that you are not to curse this year.  This CD can go out all over.  We curse this state.  I am here to stand.  I bind that in the name of Jesus and I say people will start speaking into the glory root in this state.  There is a glory in this state that has never manifested in its fullness.    And God says I am going to start showing you the glory in this state, I am going to start moving in my people.  The glory of God that is in this state is going to begin to rise up.  Now, hear what I am saying to you.  There is a glory realm.  The Asian people in this state are going to have such a move of God that it is going to amaze them how they began to experience the glory of God.  Now hear what I am saying to you.  But this dark root He showed me it is vying for the life not of this nation and I think you know this but when you see a picture of it is easier to comprehend it.  This evil root in this state is actually pulling life from God’s movement and glory that is beginning to move. 

Now I don’t understand this.  You are going to have to interpret it.  When I am looking down (and I am going to come back to California in a moment), now when I am looking down because this is actually a first fruit type meeting and I talked to Che about it and at the end I am going to give you the blessing of first fruit when we get into this it is going to break that thing that is pulling you off out of your life.  In other words, that thing that you are contending with, you are going to have victory over tonight. 

Hear what I am saying to you.  In the midst of this, notice there is that Golden Gate Bridge and I want us to watch it because God started to show me something else.  I will come back to California.  That is how we will end it.  He started showing me, it looked like fireballs built down in the earth.  And around the fireballs was like a wall and I said “What are those?”  And the Lord said “Beginning these next three years, I will develop my freedom outposts”.  He said they are freedom outposts. 

We keep saying the church is changing.  The Lord did not call it the church.  He said “I have freedom outposts”.  He said that I have freedom outposts…and in the midst of it I am developing a new type of watchman from those freedom outposts.  They will be called watchmen of fire.  And they will begin to watch with My eyes of fire.  He said that these will be developed in these next three years and people will start coming in to those freedom outposts and when they walk in the door the spirit and power of deliverance will fall on them.  He said that these will be the places where people will come because of the miracles that began to be displayed out of the fire, but these places will connect because they will watch after the territory and they will rise up with a voice to speak in to the dark root that is trying to rule.  Now hear me carefully.   

So, I see these things.  Then I saw it looked like movement of fire towards the freedom outposts.  And I said “Lord what are you doing?”  He said I am amassing a triumphant reserve.  Even in the dark states, I would see, there were not freedom outposts in every state.    God did not have a place to establish really what he was doing in a certain states.  God said it was my triumphant reserve that I am starting to move.  There was a triumphant reserve in every state.  Do you know what that means? It means that in these three years ahead God is developing a people who hold the trump card.   

Now, hear what I am saying to you.  The easiest way to understand the concept of triumph is if you have ever played cards.  Now I know that some of you might be Baptist or good religious background, but some of us played cards growing up.  If you ever played cards, or if you played chess.  I read a whole chapter on Chess out there.  When you play a game like that you hold a card that trumps everything else.  Now in the midst of that, God says that I am developing a people who will hold the trump card in days ahead. Do not sell yourself short.  God is developing something in you beginning this year, He is repositioning you and getting you into right place this year because you are going to be able to trump the enemy in a way that you have never been able to trump him before.  Hear what I am saying to you.  

You have a strategic ability to trump the enemy.  And some of you are going through hard things and it because you are not as wise as you are going to be.  Reserves are those that are taken off the shelf for a time in the future.  Some of you have had promises on the shelf and God is taking them off.  Some of you are being called out and getting in place.  When you signed up to be a part of God’s troop, you signed up to be used by Him.  You signed up for this. 

Did you think that you were going to sign up and jus say, oh God I am going to live whichever way I want just take me on to heaven.  This is not what He has for you on this earth realm.  You are going to create as big a mess as I do in this earth.  You are meant to be used by Him.  You are meant to be His ambassador.  You are meant to move in passion and fire.  I am telling you what part of that evil root in California is this misplaced passion called pornography and that industry and God says you watch me start drying it up as they start moving in fire.  The Lord is not saying you are not going to have to go out and picket and do all that.  He said you start moving in My glory and that thing is going dry up.  That Lord says that thing is going to go bankrupt in this area.  The Lord says it is going to dry up, it is going to be exposed and when it starts trying to be watered, you just say dry up again.   Find another job, do something else, come into the kingdom of God.  Dry up and do not give it water.  I command right now the watering of that industry is over in this state.   

Now, let me come back to California.  Because this is what God showed me.  Notice that the glory is brighter than the dark is dark and the glory root is deeper.  God specifically showed me that over California.  Do not let anyone else lie to you.   There is a glory root in this state that is deeper than any root of darkness.  But the next three years you will be contending with that dark root.  Now this is what I have to say to make sure that we understand it.  Record every tremor in this land.  Every tremor.  Yes, earthquake.  Record every tremor.  Every time, this is what the spirit of God showed me.  He said I will start shaking this land as My glory realm expands.   

Hear me so that you are not confused about this.  There is nothing that you can do about this.  You can minimize the hurt of it as people come into the glory realm.  Because in a year that is linked with signs and wonders using natural elements, you have to know this is key here, the Lord says as My glory realm increases, the shaking will increase.  Because what it is doing is, the glory root is moving against that dark evil root here and it is causing the earth to let go of that iniquity that is down in it.    

Now hear me, you are going to have to shake, just go ahead and do it and just say I will get used to it.  Thatdoesn’t mean your house will fall down, it just means that it will shake.  You will not fall off into the ocean, but you are going to shake.  And you are going to shake, and you are going to shake because the glory is going to expand.  The glory is going to expand.  As the glory expands you will shake. 

It will be a 100, now hear me, I saw back 120 years into the ground here, I don’t know what that takes me to, I just saw the number of the earth realm.  The Lord says that there are iniquities that there are iniquities that have been held in the earth realm that long.    

You will shake twelve times, now hear me, count them, enjoy them, rejoice in them.  He didn’t say that it would be disastrous shaking.  I will say that it will become stronger and stronger and stronger until you see the move of the God from the north of California manifesting and you see the strength of God changing the border in San Diego.   

Now hear me, San Diego is going to have a great move of God, it will be a sign to you the north is going to have a flowing of God’s glory, so the Lord says enjoy your prayer life, enjoy the change, find your freedom outposts, this is one of them, you will develop a freedom outpost here where people come just for their deliverance, you won’t have to strive in it.  It is going to be a place of deliverance, but it is not just healing, it is miracles in this house.  It is going to be a place of miracles.  The Lord says that it will cause people that are renowned to come here to be healed and delivered.   

The Lord says change the way that you think about holiness because you are not going to have to strive to be holy in these next three years I am going to shake you into holiness.  I am going shake you and I am going to shake you and you are going to enjoy it.  And the Lord says that if you do it, the economic, the agricultural, now this is for you this year, you will also see another sign in the agricultural structure in California this year.  Watch it carefully.  The commodities of this state become a sign and wonder for our future.   

Hear me carefully.   That’s what makes you such an interesting place. That’s what makes us starting off yesterday by saying, Lord, I shared with you, God revealed to me the concept of first fruits in Prov. 3 where all He said is if you will move in the concept of first fruits, first fruits isn’t tithing, first fruits is where I give the best to the Lord, first fruits is not just linked with money, first fruits is linked with time, where you give the best I will bless your entire life.  First fruit is not an Old Testament principal.  It is just as vibrant in Romans 9 and 11 as it is in the Old Testament.  God says these freedom outposts will be those that know how to give their best, give their best in worship.   

They are not coming to a church, they are coming to experience freedom in their live and my glory will rest upon these places and these places will have three generations aligned and prophesy together.  And in the midst of it you will see people coming in with multiple sclerosis, emphysema, you will see people coming in with cystic fibrosis, you will see people coming in with all sorts of issues and their nervous system will be healed immediately.  You will see those with more than one personality coming in and then all of a sudden the name of that controlling personality that personality cannot hold its tongue, it will speak its name and it will be cast out and their brain will be healed.   

God has started a new work.  He didn’t want the whole world to come to this gathering but He wanted those that wanted the triumphant to be the part of that beginning of that triumphant reserve that would move in this state in a different way.  How you win this war affects the whole entire nation as we move forward.  Out of California will come a victorious cry in three years that will set a course to change this nation from what it is.  Watch where the nation is now, enjoy what we have to go through, and pray in a new way, but if you will move forward, in three years, coming out of California will rise, a dimension of leadership and anointing that will shift this nation.