Bill Hamon & Team Prophecy for Pastors Rick & Pam

Father, we thank You right now. We release Your timing and Your destiny, and Your purpose and Your plan for Your woman and Your man. And the Lord says, Son and Daughter, you didn’t always understand the land where I put you, the way I took you, and path that I took you through, but now you’re on the mountain top looking back and saying, "I see the path of the Lord, and I see why God saw that we had to go around that hill and down around that area to come up higher over here. I see why He had to make the bridge across the chasm and I see why God allowed us to go through and get stuck in the snow, and then stuck on the ledge, but God has brought us thus far."

And the Lord says, just as I’ve brought you this far, I’m going to take you from mountain top to mountain top, from mountain top to mountain top, and you’re going to go from glory to glory and you’re not going to be stuck between the glories like you were before at times, but you’re going to see a step of faith and a step of vision. And the Lord says it’s harvest time, harvest time, harvest time, harvest time. And My favor is upon you and my blessing within you and no longer are you going to try to prove yourself, no longer do you have to go and demonstrate to people that you have it, and that you are, because you’re just going to be. My favor, My favor, My favor, for the favor of the Lord is upon you and the timing of God is within you. And the Lord says, Son and Daughter, fear not, fret not, for the clearest, most accurate word you’ve ever heard before is going to come out of your lips--words of knowledge, words of wisdom, discerning of spirits--and you’re going to start flowing and ministering to people in high places, popular places, and high areas of knowledge, and knowing. You’re going to minister to people that are household names to other people around the world and the Lord says I’m going to minister My grace and My wisdom. Don’t limit yourself, don’t restrict yourself, it’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit. It’s not your choosing, it’s My choosing and My timing to bring it all to pass. For I’m releasing that prophetic apostolic anointing, the fullness within you that you may see, may be, and you’re going to build and establish, and be a lighthouse, a salt, and be a real witness to Me and call a shaking and awakening that will affect the nations, says the Lord. 

I just heard the Lord say, it’s not going to be the way it was in the past, but the Lord says, surely I have done a new thing in Me, and I’m going to do an even greater and an even newer thing that I’m going to cause you to go forth with, says the Lord. And the Lord says I’m building up a strong support system this time, as you begin, as you pioneer, the Lord says I have that support system already intact. I’m even going to bring in even more of a support system for you. And the Lord says, even now I’m releasing ahead of time financial releases on your behalf. And the Lord says you’re only going to stay where you are only for a short season. The Lord says I’m doing a quick work and the Lord says, I’m going to do a quick thing, and there’s going to be that time very soon that you’ll even have your own place. So the Lord says, when you go in, just know that you’re not going to be there for a long time.  

The Lord says that I’m going to move you out and God says, Daughter I’m going to give you the knowledge and wisdom as to how to redig that well and you’re going to have the strategy ahead of time to know what demonic forces are already in operation. And Father, we just release right now that prophetic insight in intercession to go ahead of the battle and take authority over the spiritual strongholds in that area, in the Name of Jesus. And the Lord says, Daughter, you will take that land. The Lord says it’s not going to be the same this time around. It’s like you’ve gone through situations in your past where it’s like you were walking along and you stepped on a board and the board tripped you up. God says it’s not going to be that way this time. I’ve wedded you to My purposes. I saw the Lord slipping a wedding ring on your hand. I’ve wedded you to My purposes. And this time, says the Lord, the victory is Mine and you’re going to enter into it fully, says the Lord. 

For the Spirit of the Lord says, oh mighty man of God, surely I’m going to begin to do a depth work, says the Lord. Did I not say that deep calls unto deep at the noise of the waterspouts. The Lord says, Son, I’m going to raise you and send you. This time you’re going to be sent and not went and the Lord says, might man of God, even as David was in the cave for a season of time and I brought him the misfits, the down-trodden, the broken and those that nobody else would…. The Lord says, I used him as my man of God, and I raised a mighty army. The Lord says he was there after I took that army to Hebron and the Lord says, that is where the covenant relationship was made. The Lord says oh mighty man, this time there’s going to be covenant relationship, there’s going to be covenant relationship. The Lord says I’m going to raise you, and I’m not only going to send you, but I’m going to anoint you. The Lord says I’m in a covenant relationship with you. It’s always been there, but now I’m going to put it into operation says the Lord. And I’m going to have you write the vision once again. The Lord says, oh mighty man and woman of God, I want you to know that teamwork, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork this time says the Lord. You’re going to educate them, you’re going to train them, activate them, and the Lord says you’re going to send them to the nations of the world. 

Pam, I saw the prayer anointing because you’ve been before the Master, and now the grace because you’ve been in His face is about to come in a greater measure. The measure has been there, and you’ve moved out, but God says no more doubt and you’re about to make inroads into a place where the enemy has had his way, but God says no more, it’s My day, it’s My day in that place. It’s My day to pour out My grace. It’s My day, where sin abounds, grace will abound much more. The media mongols are going to come and ask what is the word of the Lord for this season, what can we do to change things? And God says He’s moving in the networks, He’s moving in people. There are people in the networks who are looking for a move of God, and a touch of God. And I know there are people there who are hungry and are saying that if you can show me the real deal I’ll take it to the nations, I’ll take it to the screen. I’ll take it, if you can show me the real deal. And God says you’ve got the real deal. You guys got the real deal and you’re going to take it. And you’re going to break what the enemy has tried to use for so long. And the churches have dropped the ball. And now you’re going to carry it and in that carrying there will be an anointing to set the captives free. From the top, it’s not going to go from the bottom up, it’s going to go from the top down.