Patrick Kitely

God is going to use this church to touch many people in this region.  There’s a message, a birthing, a release in this house for evangelism and influence of the Holy Spirit to touch the studios, to touch the stars in this area.  You’re a regional church. There are many cities that God wants you to impact.  There are many cities where you’re going to have great influence.  And God is going to use each and every one of you.  In fact, I see the fire of God, a column of fire, coming on each and every one of you. An evangelistic fire, and fervor and passion in the Holy Spirit.  You’re not going to be the same.  God is going to open up your eyes to see with His eyes... 

Joshua 3:1:  “Then Joshua rose early in the morning; and they set out from Acacia Grove and came to the Jordan, he and all the children of Israel, and lodged there before they crossed over.”  

It says, “And they lodged there before they crossed over.”  I believe the Lord has given this word for this house.  God has strategically positioned you in the place you are at right now, both individually and corporately as a body.  God has put you in this place.  And there is an expectation God has given you not to be normal.  You’re not normal!  And you’re not supposed to be!  You’re in good company because Abraham wasn’t normal.  God came to him and said, Abraham I want you to leave your father’s land and go to a place where I’m telling you to go.  In Hebrews 11:8 it says he went out going not knowing where he was going.  God said go, all you have is a “go.”  You don’t know anything else, you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going out not knowing, but you’re with the One who knows!  And so you say, I’m going to go where He says for me to go.  That’s not normal!  Like the people in the Bible, this is not normal.  This is a Holy Spirit move of God.  And He’s placed an expectation inside your heart.

God has had you in a lodging place.  You’re in a place where you can see where God is going to take you.  I call it the lodging place of contemplation.  God wants you to fully realize and understand where He’s brought you from and where He’s taking you to.  When the people of Israel got to the banks of the river they didn’t just cross over, but God had them lodge there for a moment.  And I believe that Joshua and the children of Israel began to contemplate how for 430 years they were slaves in Egypt, and they developed a cry in the place of captivity.  There’s nothing like the place of captivity.  It will develop a cry.  The Scripture says that Israel became a nation in the land of Egypt.  God placed them in that place and they became what they could not become in another place.  God has allowed this church to go through a whole lot of hell, so you can be hungry for a whole lot of heaven!    

God is giving godly leadership at this time a message, to speak to the Pharaohs of the land to “Let My people go! You cannot hold them any longer, they are My people called by My name.  They are My people and I’m calling them out of captivity!”  God is good.  God has done great things.  In this house today there are memories of God’s goodness.  Even through difficult seasons, God has been good.   

I want you to know that every place you’ve put your foot, I’ve given it to you.  Every place, every Starbucks, your places of employment, your neighborhoods, wherever you go there is Kingdom authority in the name of Jesus.  This is a people who say, Lord, let your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  What’s it like in heaven?  There’s glory!  The presence of the Lord is there!  Everyone is cognizant that God is on the throne.  The Lord is giving this house an anointing of power and an understanding to know that every place you put your foot down the Lord says I’ve given it to you.  And He says, I’m changing your technology now.  Before I put you under the whips of Egypt, then you were led by the rod of Moses, you were led by the cloud and the pillar of fire.  You’ve been led by external things, but now I’m giving you technology that’s going to change things.  Now the technology is going to be the law within your heart.  I’m placing the Word in your heart.  You’re going to be directed by the Word.  And if you observe to do all these things, then you’re going to have good success.  That Hebrew word for “then you shall make” (your way prosperous and then you shall have success) is tsalach.”  When you meditate on the Word and do it, God is going to tsalach you… it means to push forward, to break out, to accelerate!  In this house today, I’m going to accelerate you.  I’m going to do a quick work.  I’m going to begin to do a work right before your very eyes.  For there have been dreams and visions and prophetic words spoken over this house and over your lives, and the Lord says I’m about to tsalach those things, I’m going to accelerate those things.  The time of release has come says the Lord.  There have been words lingering over you for some time and I’m hearing the word NOW over this house.  I’m going to release those words right before your very eyes! 

You have to follow the ark.  The glory of the Lord is what you follow as you go into the land.  So take the ark among the people.  I want them to see the ark, I want them to know the glory.  I want them to understand that it’s my presence that goes with them.  As Moses said, “We’re not going anywhere unless Your presence goes with us.”

God is about to lead you into a new place in the earth by His glory.  “Send the priests forward…”   And they dipped their feet into the water.  Like a motion-activated door, the priests came to the river and it was waiting for them; a motion-activated river!  When they put their feet into the river, it opened up! 

I believe God has put you in front of a “motion-activated” river.  God has given this house a cross over anointing.  You are about to cross over into a new realm in God. It’s called the Promised Land.  There are places in God’s promises that you are about to actualize and realize as a body of people.  The priests stood in the middle of the river on dry ground until ALL of Israel crossed over.  This is an everybody anointing.  There’s an anointing for everybody to cross over!  Every single one.  Even those ones who’ve been kind of wandering, the Lord says, I’m taking you too!  There’s a household anointing.  Today I prophesy in this house and declare the word of the Lord that you are about to cross over!  You have been wandering, you have been waiting, you have been wondering, you’ve been saying, “God, when?  How long?!”  And the Lord says it’s time to get your feet wet!  There’s a NOW in the Spirit!

It’s time to place your feet in a place that seems impossible. But with God all things are possible! Understand the crazy and wild place you’re about to step into.  Don’t flippantly step into this thing. This is unbelievable; this is beyond your wildest imagination. God is going to do miracles right before your very eyes.  Proud cities are going to come down.  The sun is going to stand still right before your very eyes.  God is about to open up grace for you that is flowing with milk and honey.  You’re about to step into a place of milk and wild honey.  It’s the Promised Land.  It’s a place of prophetic possibility.  It’s a place where God will show His power and reveal His glory.  And He’s going to put His love within your hearts. 

So, now today we step into the motion-activated river.  And it’s opening!  The supernatural is opening before us!  The heavens are opening before us!  Miracles are going to take place before us!  And it’s time for the release of the word of the Lord over this house, The Gathering Place!   

This place is not going to be big enough.  Begin to look for another location because it’s going to burst from the seams.  The Lord says, I’m going to do a supernatural work before your eyes.  I’m going to provide.  There are going to be job promotions.  A release of Monday miracles!  The word is spoken on Sunday and on Monday the miracles begin to happen.  There are job promotions right now.  There are open doors for jobs, and even better jobs.  Raises, and bonuses, and inheritances to be released in the name of Jesus!  Finances for this house.  God is going to bless the people of this house so the expansion can happen.  The Lord says He’s going to take care of every one of your needs.  You’re not going to have to sweat, to worry, there’s not going to be any anxiety.  The Lord says it’s not going to be by might, but by My Spirit.  Release of job promotions, raises, financial increase, and good deals!  In this recession time, God has a recession-proof people!